Saturday, January 26, 2013

Twenty Thirteen

The new year has started, and with it a new painting mojo… Right? 

Painting has been slow (or non existent) in the past few months. New band and girlfriend are the main culprits, but also lacking the motivation to paint new things. Well in just over a month is Ides of March, a Warmachine tournament here in Auckland. I've decided to go with Skorne again to ease my way back into brush work. I'll need to paint one more beast and finish of the immortals unit to have my force ready. I've also ordered a few more solos so they might see paint time at the same time, but I might wait for these to be realsed…

My ever expanding Rhulic army is still in the assembly stages, but they will be lined up after the Skorne. Maybe there will be another tournament later in the year to give me the push? After those 2 armies are complete, I'll have to choose between Cryx, Farrow, Retribution, and Cygnar. But they all require quite a bit of buying...

I have a few cool models to do up for this (2-3 NPC's and a warjack), and will start working on mapping out the campaign soon. I want to try show off the conversions I do to the figures here, and then have real fun painting with more dull and drab tones to my usual Warmachine painting, and trying new weathering techniques on the jack

This has to be the project the has gone the longest without being started. With the last of my ships hopefully arriving soon, I'll be able to finally airbrush them all and dive in. But there's not rush so they'll probably be done along side my Warmachine armies.

I've got a few random single miniature things I'd like to work on. I just finished a monster from GF9's new DnD miniatures range, which I'll hopefully be able to show soon. I learning a lot while painting it, and have become more confident with the airbrush, which will come in handy for the dystopian stuff.

I also have a Han Solo figure that is too cool to leave much longer, and I might paint a space marine or two!


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