Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Where did July go?

Well I have literally a few hours to get a blog post in to keep up my 'atleast once a month' streak. This wasn't intentional from the start, but I might aswell keep it going. If this was a blog about getting schmammered at bars though, we may have had more posts in the last month.

I haven't got much painting done since finishing the Skorne (which still isn't quite finished), but I've done lots of thinking about painting. And a bit of buying things to paint…

Dystopian Wars is creeping slowly towards the painting table. I've been doing research into Imperial Japanese Navy ships, printing out some blazing sun flags, and buying a couple last pieces to give me a 1500point force (including an awesome squid). Maybe by the end of the year I'll put base colours on…

I bought some Farrow, bringing my Warmahordes faction total to 7, and my painted ratio down. But, they're bad-ass mechanical pigs, so it's a win. Again it'll be awhile before these see paint, as I'll be buying the units slowly.

I 'spose the next painting table inductees will be some more Dwarfs! I finally bought some units for them (Max Highshields and Forgeguard) and with the release General Ossrum in the new Warmachine book, it should provide some cool new dynamics to the dwarves play style I'm used to. I should be able to pick up the General while I'm at PAX, along with the Iron Kingdoms RPG rulebook. Looking forward to campaign of that, and looks like I might be Dungeon/Game mastering it.

Oh yea, I'm going to PAX in a month, so there'll be a post about that at some point after.

I've also joined a rock band. Static Era. Had two jams so far and it's been pretty fun. Getting straight into things and recording a music video this weekend. Will be a learning experience for me.

That's all 'till next month. To the bar!!! *Ehem* I mean, to the painting table!… yeah…


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  1. Just noticed I missed blogging in May. WTF happened there?

    Well, there goes that plan...