Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Jade Skorne: Part 3

The force is finished! Well, there'a a couple extra pieces I'll do eventually, but I'm happy with this for now.

The push to get these finished was 'Ides Of March', the first of hopefully many Warmachine tournaments of its name here in Auckland. 

36 players, 7 games. I won 2... Moving on.

No but seriously, it was a lot of fun and glad to have been a part of it.

Aside from finishing the gold on the Immortals, the Bronzeback Titan was the only thing I needed to get done for Ides. Was nice to not be painting until 5am before the tournament for a change.

And here's some other random pics I took while the force was on the table.

Ancestral Guardian

Standard Bearer... minus the Bearer. Since it gets no attacks I used the fig to make another Swordsman.

Bronzeback Titan and Extoller 

Cyclops Brute AKA Zaal's bodyguard.
Titan Gladiator


The man who makes it all tick and his sneaky friend.


Currently deciding which force is next. But first, some IKRPG figures!


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Not so Purple Worm

I painted this a month or two ago for work. GF9 is releasing Dungeons and Dragons figures soon, and this model is in the first wave. 

We painted up some examples of our own to show off what you can do with them. I went for a desert theme using scorpions and snakes as inspiration.

I wanted to use this little project as a chance to get some practice in with the airbrush. I haven't used one much before, and never for blending/gradients. The intention was to go from beige on the bottom/belly, to a very dark brown along the back.

The model has dings and scratches sculpted on it where it's been previously attacked or stabbed. I made these into current wounds by adding arrows. I got the idea from this blog post, http://massivevoodoo.blogspot.co.nz/2012/01/tutorial-creating-realistic-arrows.html (awesome blog BTW), but instead I just used thin brass rod and paper.

I added a little extra sand to the base and painted it similar to my Warmachine bases. For the mouth I use reddish browns and white mixes to highlight areas and the gloss varnish helps sell the effect.

This was a really fun mini to paint and a learned a lot. Not so scared of the airbrush now and look forward to using on my IKRPG Warjack.


Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I've been slowly working on this Warjack to be an NPJ (Non-character 'Jack!) for the Iron Kingdoms campaign I'll run eventually. I wanted to have a couple NPCs heavily involved in the campaign, 'cause making characters, and also modeling them, is one of the things I enjoy most about roleplaying. So even being the GM I wanted a way I could still do this.

So there will be 2 NPCs, and one will have his own 'Jack ('cause what's the Iron Kingdoms without 'Jacks!). I'll detail the characters more when they're complete, but I wanted to show off the little conversions I did on the 'Jack first so here goes.

The 'Jack will have a Steam Lobber, so it was a no brainer to use the steam tube from the Mule.

He'll have the 'Heavy Boiler' rule, and his boiler is also powering his gun, so it's only logical he'd have extra smoke stack for all this pressure… It's taken from the Nomad plastic kit.

I used the Avenger's gun, which normally has 2 rounds under the gun. I wanted to remove these and make a magazine like thing so it didn't look like he only has 2 rounds with him!

I know it's silly on the hammer arm, but the piece fit perfectly, and there's nothing stopping it in the rules… Also from the Nomad kit with a spike from Drago added.

I like the look of hulking robots with small heads. Much like this:
So Dragos head seemed great. I just removed his horn.

They looked silly on Vladimir, and they look silly here. But I like silly. And I also like top heavy robots… Like this!:

I got textured plasticard from a model railway store quite a while. One of my favorite aesthetic features of the IK setting is the victorian style streets so figured this was the perfect basing idea to use. I may go crazy and add newspapers/litter or something after painting.

The 2 NPCs will also match.

Some other things I did were drilling out the smoke stacks and gun barrel, and I removed the Cygnar Swan from the top of the hull.

Stay tuned for paint!


Saturday, January 26, 2013

Twenty Thirteen

The new year has started, and with it a new painting mojo… Right? 

Painting has been slow (or non existent) in the past few months. New band and girlfriend are the main culprits, but also lacking the motivation to paint new things. Well in just over a month is Ides of March, a Warmachine tournament here in Auckland. I've decided to go with Skorne again to ease my way back into brush work. I'll need to paint one more beast and finish of the immortals unit to have my force ready. I've also ordered a few more solos so they might see paint time at the same time, but I might wait for these to be realsed…

My ever expanding Rhulic army is still in the assembly stages, but they will be lined up after the Skorne. Maybe there will be another tournament later in the year to give me the push? After those 2 armies are complete, I'll have to choose between Cryx, Farrow, Retribution, and Cygnar. But they all require quite a bit of buying...

I have a few cool models to do up for this (2-3 NPC's and a warjack), and will start working on mapping out the campaign soon. I want to try show off the conversions I do to the figures here, and then have real fun painting with more dull and drab tones to my usual Warmachine painting, and trying new weathering techniques on the jack

This has to be the project the has gone the longest without being started. With the last of my ships hopefully arriving soon, I'll be able to finally airbrush them all and dive in. But there's not rush so they'll probably be done along side my Warmachine armies.

I've got a few random single miniature things I'd like to work on. I just finished a monster from GF9's new DnD miniatures range, which I'll hopefully be able to show soon. I learning a lot while painting it, and have become more confident with the airbrush, which will come in handy for the dystopian stuff.

I also have a Han Solo figure that is too cool to leave much longer, and I might paint a space marine or two!