Monday, February 13, 2012

Iron Sports

Inspired by this:

And all the other ones I've seen, I decided to whip up one for the Iron Kingdoms/Warmachine.

Undecided on the font, or if it should say Warmachine instead, or nothing at all. Could make a cool t-shirt some day...

No copyright infringement intended. Don't sue me PP...


Lawman Posse

My starting posse is complete!


Deputy Hank Stubbs

Deputy Tommy Schumacher

And the Vigilantes:

Bill Masterson

Charlie Starr

and Fred Dalton a.k.a Fire Belly Fred!

And you've already met Sheriff Edel Wilhelm.

We got some MDF laser cut old west buildings from Gamecraft miniatures, so I'll take WIP shots when I start on those. We're gonna have quite the town when we're finished.

Next painting project is a unit of Gun-mages for Warmachine, in prep for Equinox in march. More on that later.