Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I've been slowly working on this Warjack to be an NPJ (Non-character 'Jack!) for the Iron Kingdoms campaign I'll run eventually. I wanted to have a couple NPCs heavily involved in the campaign, 'cause making characters, and also modeling them, is one of the things I enjoy most about roleplaying. So even being the GM I wanted a way I could still do this.

So there will be 2 NPCs, and one will have his own 'Jack ('cause what's the Iron Kingdoms without 'Jacks!). I'll detail the characters more when they're complete, but I wanted to show off the little conversions I did on the 'Jack first so here goes.

The 'Jack will have a Steam Lobber, so it was a no brainer to use the steam tube from the Mule.

He'll have the 'Heavy Boiler' rule, and his boiler is also powering his gun, so it's only logical he'd have extra smoke stack for all this pressure… It's taken from the Nomad plastic kit.

I used the Avenger's gun, which normally has 2 rounds under the gun. I wanted to remove these and make a magazine like thing so it didn't look like he only has 2 rounds with him!

I know it's silly on the hammer arm, but the piece fit perfectly, and there's nothing stopping it in the rules… Also from the Nomad kit with a spike from Drago added.

I like the look of hulking robots with small heads. Much like this:
So Dragos head seemed great. I just removed his horn.

They looked silly on Vladimir, and they look silly here. But I like silly. And I also like top heavy robots… Like this!:

I got textured plasticard from a model railway store quite a while. One of my favorite aesthetic features of the IK setting is the victorian style streets so figured this was the perfect basing idea to use. I may go crazy and add newspapers/litter or something after painting.

The 2 NPCs will also match.

Some other things I did were drilling out the smoke stacks and gun barrel, and I removed the Cygnar Swan from the top of the hull.

Stay tuned for paint!


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