Monday, August 15, 2011


A group of us at work started playing D&D 4E earlier this year. We started out with pre-written adventures with Sean as DM. After a while Sean decided to create his own world (as he does) for us to start new characters in, with more chance for character development.

I really got into making a character. Not just the stats, but a history and image. He's goes by the name Morituri (although the others have appropriately been calling him 'The Shadow') and he's an Assassin. I can't reveal his history yet, as it is still a mystery to the other characters in our campaign. I can reveal aesthetics though!

I had fun drawing this. Have to point out that I cheated and used some existing D&D art as a base. It was just too perfect for my character.

And here's the figure I found and painted for him. It's from the Malifaux range.

We've just reached level 7 now, so it's time to start thinking about Paragon paths, and I've got some good ideas. I do enjoy having a secretive character. What is his real name? Why does he cover his face and use disguises? What was his life like before? What's with the purple sash around his thigh? What race is he?! All things the other characters will have to find out.


Friday, August 12, 2011

Dystopian colour tests

A while ago I ordered a Dystopian Wars fleet, along with 3 friends from work. We've only recently got around to having some games, and so far it's pretty fun. Just roll losts of dice and stuff blows up. Still working on learning the finer details but that'll come with time.

Anyway, it's about time I painted some ships! Or atleast think about it... I came up with this test scheme:

I haven't really done this type of planning before. Normally I just think of the colours in my head and dive right in. Since Spartan Games release images of thier new toys as 3D models, it's easy to overlay colours.

The downside to doing this is I spent ages changing colours back and forth, adding blazing suns all over it, purples, reds, browns, and then didn't like any of it. I'm still not completely happy with this scheme, but I'll think on it for a while. Definately liking the Khaki/Beige but can't work out how to get a secondary colour on there. My original thoughts of Khaki and Purple were based on the Blazing Sun uniform which has purple accents/sashes on it:

I could also go with red to match their flag. Maybe I should just paint them and live with how they turn out?


Monday, August 8, 2011

First post!

Hi all (Isn't it strange to type to everyone and no one at the same time?)

I've been meaning to get a blog going for a while, mostly to record my life; things I see, make and hear. Like most blogs out there I don't expect many people to view it, but it still should be good motivation to get some productive things done. I will try post semi-frequently but with no strict schedule, and if there's nothing interesting happening in my life for weeks, so be it.

I guess I should start on a high with something creative, although from someone else. A week or so ago I was searching the term 'Bad-ass Wallpaper' to find a new desktop background. I stumbled upon this guys work:

His stuff is great. Often simple but super clever. And he seems to be a Robocop fan; what a winner. It's been too long since I've worked on stuff like his. I should find some t-shirt sites that are looking for designs. Although I need ideas first...

I'll try get something creative of my own up this week, but who knows, I'm new at this.