Thursday, June 7, 2012

Jade Skorne: Part 2

This past weekend was NiCon, the annual Warmachine Teams event. Chris, Sean and myself teamed up once again under a new name (Sticks, Stones & Bones) and with Hordes this time. 

It was pretty fun. Played 5 good games, met some new players and faced off against some return customers. I went 2/5 for the weekend, but with 2 of the loses being really close it felt better than the score reflects. I was generously awarded best painted, but there were a number of armies it could have gone too. Was nice to get some acknowledgement for all the effort though.

No sleep + Thinking = Hand must be on chin alot.

I spent just over 2 weeks getting these guys done. I really needed to start 2 weeks earlier so I could've got the Immortals and Guardians done too, and not had to have got lest than 6 hours sleep most nights (2.5 on the night before the tourney, but who's counting?…) The scheme went through a few revisions, but I think I got it right in the end. I think I'll go back and improve the Gems at some point, kinda phoned those in at 5am…


And his girlfriends. Looking forward to punishing some Gargantuans...

Titan Gladiator

Cyclops Brute

Praetorian Swordsmen

Swordsmen UA

Next week I'll try have the statues done and do a nice big army photo.

Next project? Hmmm...



  1. How did you get the jade coloring?

  2. VMC Black Green
    VMC Black Green/VMC Medium Olive/GW Hawk Turquoise/VMC Sky Blue (1:2:2:1) Heavy Drybrush
    GW Asurman Blue Wash
    Previous mix Drybrush with more Sky Blue added
    GW Waywatcher Green Wash

    Pretty complex, there's probably a much easier way to get a similar result but that's what worked for me.