Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Jade Skorne: Part 1

I've slowly been amassing a 35point Skorne army. A tier 3 Zaal list to be exact. The lists debut will be Nicon, a teams tournament in June.

This past weekend I decided it was high time to settle on a colour scheme. My colour scheme was always gonna be based on what would look good on the Immortals. I toyed with the idea of many different stone colours; Obsidian, Sandstone, Concrete, Terracotta, etc. But I think I've finally decided on Jade. Or rather, a 'green stone', 'cause turns out Jade has a distinct colour that I haven't managed to acheive. None the less, I'm happy with the green I have found and it's quick to paint.

(Yes, he has no arms. They were used to convert another swordsmen.)

That part that isn't quick is the gold. 4 layers going on there, so I may have to revise that method. Or just suck it up and do it. There is only 2 months-ish...

C&C welcome. Not too late to change stuff. Still have to base and undercoat the whole lot before I commit.


P.S. Congrats to the Haught family on their new addition!