Monday, March 19, 2012

Equinox 2012

This past weekend was Equinox 2012, a tournament with all the major systems. I of course entered the Warmachine 35point event. You can head over to to check out all the details and some photos. The only photo I bothered to take was Gorten getting munched by a Carnivean...

Chris Baker ran a great event with awesome terrain and prizes. Had 7 really fun games and even managed to win 3 of them. Obviously not the best result but better than I was hoping! I walked away with some tokens, some foam trays and a sweet Thrallblacks beer glass!

As you can see we did indeed get my t-shirt design printed. A few of the other entrants now have them as well as Chris, Sean and I.

Before the event (literally just before the event...) I got these dudes finished for my list.

Gun Mages with Captain

And my Reinholdt proxy (from Malifaux) which people really liked.

James and I tried out using printed backgrounds for photos and they seemed to have turned out better than just plain white. I retook photos of Riardon Immerfel and entered him into the Steve Dean painting competition (

Now it's onto planning what to take to NatCon in a few weeks. I need to come up with a fun 25point Highlander list using stuff I already own. It'll no doubt involve some painting. MacBain perhaps? Oh sorry... MACBAIN! perhaps?


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