Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lawmen posse, ASSEMBLE!

So my Black Scorpion figures did indeed arrive before the holidays. I managed to get them cleaned up straight away, but then getting drunk and scoffing food in Jesus' name got in the way. Now that's over, I assembled and based them!

I'm pretty happy to have got this done in just one afternoon,  especially since the Black Scorpion resin is a pain in the ass (more on that soon). 

To make my Sheriff and 2 deputies stand out alittle, I wanted to have them fully or partially standing on wooden planks, to resemble the decking around an old west building. Luckily I had some balsa strips lying around (intended for my Cryx pirates) that was a good size. The scale might not be accurate, but it looks pretty good to the eye. I made a frame and filled it partially with green stuff so the figures would have something sturdy to pin into.

For the ground work,  I wanted it to be fairly flat, like a well used town would be. I may ad tufts after painting to add a bit of texture and colour.

Now onto my gripes (personal opinion follows): The new resin Black Scorpion is using is schei├če haus. Most of the gun barrels were snapped, one in 2 places. It took forever to clean up, and bubbles needed to be filled. One of the barrels was bent. Etc, etc. I hope resin isn't the new thing, 'cause in terms of the customer, it's worse quality and no cheaper. They say the detail is better but I haven't seen it. Games Worshops Fail-cast does seem to have very crisp detail, but I'd still take a metal figure any day, unless I was planning to enter Golden Demon and willing to put in the effort to fix the flaws.

Despite that, I'm really looking forward to painting this posse and getting some games in. I'll need to decide which Cowboy hat to wear…


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