Sunday, December 18, 2011

Brandenburgers: Part 2

Long time no post. FlamesCon has been and gone. I've been meaning to post how my painting went but it didn't happen, and the Flames of War website has covered it pretty well. So instead, I'll just post some links.

The lead up to the event:

After the event:

A neat video about FlamesCon:

And another specifically about the Iron Painter event:

And lastly, the studio having a go at Raiding Aces:

Now to finish the trucks and the support options!

With X-mas almost here chances of posting again in 2011 are slim, but I'll still hopefully be getting some modelling done. There's my Cryx, Skorne, Han Solo, Brandenburgers, and maybe even some new US Shermans if they arrive from Malaysia.

But I'm most excited to start working on a posse for Legends of the Old West!

Chris ran me through a game a couple weeks ago, and I've since given his rule book a decent read, and ordered some figures from Black Scorpion miniatures, which should arrive this week.

Yee haw!