Thursday, October 15, 2015

X-Wing: Scum - Z-95 Headhunters

FFG's X-wing is a great system that has really taken over my geeky mind. I've played a lot of games and am still wanting more. I started out with imperials and painted a few of them, but they were mostly touch ups of the stock paint jobs (which are already quite good).

When Scum and Villainy was released as a faction, I thought it was really cool and interesting and they quickly became my main faction. I know one of the great things about a faction like this is how individual and unique each of the ships look, but I wanted to set the challenge of making a scum fleet look unified and organized.

Of the stock paint schemes FFG has put out on the Scum ships, the Black Sun ones interested me the most in terms of colour scheme. Ofcourse it's really just black and white, but I took the opportunity to vary the scheme alittle and add some accents that gave me a unique look.

I started with my Z-95s as the stock paint job was basically already laid out for me. I chose to go with a creamy white, and a blueish black to give some character to the "black and white" scheme. I also added some markings on the nose to number them.

Some cool art has been created for the Scum named pilots, and one of my favourites is N'dru Suhlak, so I had to have a crack at painting him.

It'd be rude not to paint the other character Kaa'to Leeachos. I substituted pink for the orange markings, to tie it in with the other markings, and I plan on using pink a bit more on other ships.

While working on the Z-95s I created some guidelines to help apply these colours to other ships:

Main Colour: White/Cream
Secondary Colour: Blue-Black
Engines3  and cockpit frames: Khaki
Cockpit windows: Black with blue highlight
Various mechanical details: Gunmetal
Markings and character details: Pink
Lights and Engine glow: Sky blue 

Over the next few posts you'll see how the whole fleet comes together in these colours.


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