Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Jade Skorne: Part 4

Earlier this year was Aucklands largest Warmchine tournament, Ides Of March. Last year I had a lot of fun playing Skorne so decided to stick with that but add a new caster and some beasts.

Makeda 3 had recently been released and I was quite eager to paint her up since she comes with 2 immortal friends.

Naturally when you bring Makeda, you're gonna bring Molik Karn…

And these 2 reptile hounds were a lot of fun to paint. Tempted to get more but need to figure out how to make them work on the table better first.

I came away with 2nd best painted. The standard of all the armies was really great so I was lucky to get that. As for my gaming results… 38th out of 40. But I got 2 wins!…

Looking forward to next year. It will be Skorne again, and I really need to get my Mammoth done.



  1. Looking awesome.
    What paints do you use for your Jade look?

    1. VMC Black Green
      VMC Black Green/VMC Medium Olive/GW Hawk Turquoise/VMC Sky Blue (1:2:2:1) Heavy Drybrush
      GW Asurman Blue Wash
      Previous mix Drybrush with more Sky Blue added
      GW Waywatcher Green Wash

      Pretty complex, there's probably a much easier way to get a similar result but that's what worked for me with the colours I have..

  2. Rather complex, yes, haha.
    Thanks for sharing.