Thursday, October 22, 2015

X-Wing: Scum - M3-A Interceptors

With my colour scheme set by the Z-95s, it was time to apply it to different ships. It wasn't a big change on the Z-95s, but the M3-A Interceptors come in 'Hutt Cartel' colours of Swamp/Vomit green and Reddish-Brown, so my scheme changes them up a lot.

I used the same method for numbering the ships, using one of the wings (tails?) to have the stripes.

For the 2 characters, the art didn't provide anything too fancy. Serrisu gets a pink front section (in her art it's a darker red/purple) and Laetin gets white all over with a pink stripe (orange stripe in his artwork).

These are definitely one of my favorite ships in X-wing. Such a cool design. I just wish they didn't explode so quickly on the table…


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