Thursday, October 22, 2015

X-Wing: Scum - M3-A Interceptors

With my colour scheme set by the Z-95s, it was time to apply it to different ships. It wasn't a big change on the Z-95s, but the M3-A Interceptors come in 'Hutt Cartel' colours of Swamp/Vomit green and Reddish-Brown, so my scheme changes them up a lot.

I used the same method for numbering the ships, using one of the wings (tails?) to have the stripes.

For the 2 characters, the art didn't provide anything too fancy. Serrisu gets a pink front section (in her art it's a darker red/purple) and Laetin gets white all over with a pink stripe (orange stripe in his artwork).

These are definitely one of my favorite ships in X-wing. Such a cool design. I just wish they didn't explode so quickly on the table…


Thursday, October 15, 2015

X-Wing: Scum - Z-95 Headhunters

FFG's X-wing is a great system that has really taken over my geeky mind. I've played a lot of games and am still wanting more. I started out with imperials and painted a few of them, but they were mostly touch ups of the stock paint jobs (which are already quite good).

When Scum and Villainy was released as a faction, I thought it was really cool and interesting and they quickly became my main faction. I know one of the great things about a faction like this is how individual and unique each of the ships look, but I wanted to set the challenge of making a scum fleet look unified and organized.

Of the stock paint schemes FFG has put out on the Scum ships, the Black Sun ones interested me the most in terms of colour scheme. Ofcourse it's really just black and white, but I took the opportunity to vary the scheme alittle and add some accents that gave me a unique look.

I started with my Z-95s as the stock paint job was basically already laid out for me. I chose to go with a creamy white, and a blueish black to give some character to the "black and white" scheme. I also added some markings on the nose to number them.

Some cool art has been created for the Scum named pilots, and one of my favourites is N'dru Suhlak, so I had to have a crack at painting him.

It'd be rude not to paint the other character Kaa'to Leeachos. I substituted pink for the orange markings, to tie it in with the other markings, and I plan on using pink a bit more on other ships.

While working on the Z-95s I created some guidelines to help apply these colours to other ships:

Main Colour: White/Cream
Secondary Colour: Blue-Black
Engines3  and cockpit frames: Khaki
Cockpit windows: Black with blue highlight
Various mechanical details: Gunmetal
Markings and character details: Pink
Lights and Engine glow: Sky blue 

Over the next few posts you'll see how the whole fleet comes together in these colours.


Thursday, October 8, 2015

Long time no post… again…

1 year and 1 day has passed since my last update. The time has come to pretend I will update this blog regularly once again. A lot has changed in my life in the past year, but I have still been getting a lot of painting and gaming done. Just haven't had the mojo to update the blog.

Messy desk means lots of work right?...

I left my job at Battlefront Miniatures at the beginning of the year, which for the blog means taking decent photos isn't as easy. However it just means I'll book in photo sessions and do alot of photos in bulk rather than as I finish a project/model.

Lots of exciting models I'm really pleased with to show off, so my aim is to post once a week and see how that goes. 

To start things off, here is my character for a DnD campaign we played to try out 5th edition.

Chad Riffburner!

I decided to play a Bard for a few reasons. Mostly because I never had before in either tabletop or computer screen, but also because it was a way to use spells without being a fragile wizard or something. I could still whip out a rapier and get in the rough and tumble.

Unfortunately I found the problem was the spells weren't as effective as the rapier, so I ended up being more of a sub-par fighter, but maybe I just chose the wrong spells. He did offer a lot of cool roleplaying moments out of combat though, and this made the character very satisfying and a nice change from my normally combat orientated characters.

Chad was a lot of fun to paint, especially the base, for which I used a mix of textured plasticard and individual bricks.

My friend James made the Guitar/Lute for me from plasticard and thin wires, and another friend Evan sculpted the strap. I tried to paint a mother of pearl effect on the edges of the gat, but it didn't really turn out how I hoped. Really pleased with the face though, which is mostly thanks to the detail of the sculpt.

One new trick I tried (which I stole from James) is for the rapier blade, I used a knife to scrape away my undercoat and polish up the metal, which gives it a super shiny effect. Not something I would do for all blades but it worked really well for such a thin weapon where shading with metallic paints wouldn't have been very effective.


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Jade Skorne: Part 4

Earlier this year was Aucklands largest Warmchine tournament, Ides Of March. Last year I had a lot of fun playing Skorne so decided to stick with that but add a new caster and some beasts.

Makeda 3 had recently been released and I was quite eager to paint her up since she comes with 2 immortal friends.

Naturally when you bring Makeda, you're gonna bring Molik Karn…

And these 2 reptile hounds were a lot of fun to paint. Tempted to get more but need to figure out how to make them work on the table better first.

I came away with 2nd best painted. The standard of all the armies was really great so I was lucky to get that. As for my gaming results… 38th out of 40. But I got 2 wins!…

Looking forward to next year. It will be Skorne again, and I really need to get my Mammoth done.


Friday, October 3, 2014

Big guns!

I've done a few batches of painting for Flames of War books this year, and here are some of my favourite items.

We also had a fun painting challenge at work. We gave ourselves the task of painting a tank from a training regiment in 12 hours. Was a fun afternnon/evening and there were some cool tanks that came out of it. The articles about it all are here (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4), and here are some more shots of my Ausbildungs Tiger I E.

Lastly, I pimped out a Jagdtiger for a painting guide showing some easy ways you can individualise your tank.


Monday, September 29, 2014

Back in the game!

Well to say it's been a while since I last did a blog post would be an understatement. It wasn't due to a lack of content, it just dropped off as a priority. But now I've got lots of stuff backed up that I'd like to take photos of, so it makes sense to blog about them too.

For the next little while I'll be posting things I've painted or worked on over the last year and a half. By the time I've caught up I should then have current projects I can show and hopefully not have a long break again, but no promises.

I'll start with some Iron Kingdoms RPG figures for my Character in a campaign we ran, which has since ended (we've moved on to DnD 5e).

These two were a lot of fun to paint, and I'm really glad with how well they match and look like a team. I discovered freehand isn't so daunting when you have a decent brush!

I have a few more figures to go along with these guys, and will eventually have my own party with 2 more characters and 1 more 'Jack.


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Jade Skorne: Part 3

The force is finished! Well, there'a a couple extra pieces I'll do eventually, but I'm happy with this for now.

The push to get these finished was 'Ides Of March', the first of hopefully many Warmachine tournaments of its name here in Auckland. 

36 players, 7 games. I won 2... Moving on.

No but seriously, it was a lot of fun and glad to have been a part of it.

Aside from finishing the gold on the Immortals, the Bronzeback Titan was the only thing I needed to get done for Ides. Was nice to not be painting until 5am before the tournament for a change.

And here's some other random pics I took while the force was on the table.

Ancestral Guardian

Standard Bearer... minus the Bearer. Since it gets no attacks I used the fig to make another Swordsman.

Bronzeback Titan and Extoller 

Cyclops Brute AKA Zaal's bodyguard.
Titan Gladiator


The man who makes it all tick and his sneaky friend.


Currently deciding which force is next. But first, some IKRPG figures!


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Not so Purple Worm

I painted this a month or two ago for work. GF9 is releasing Dungeons and Dragons figures soon, and this model is in the first wave. 

We painted up some examples of our own to show off what you can do with them. I went for a desert theme using scorpions and snakes as inspiration.

I wanted to use this little project as a chance to get some practice in with the airbrush. I haven't used one much before, and never for blending/gradients. The intention was to go from beige on the bottom/belly, to a very dark brown along the back.

The model has dings and scratches sculpted on it where it's been previously attacked or stabbed. I made these into current wounds by adding arrows. I got the idea from this blog post, (awesome blog BTW), but instead I just used thin brass rod and paper.

I added a little extra sand to the base and painted it similar to my Warmachine bases. For the mouth I use reddish browns and white mixes to highlight areas and the gloss varnish helps sell the effect.

This was a really fun mini to paint and a learned a lot. Not so scared of the airbrush now and look forward to using on my IKRPG Warjack.


Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I've been slowly working on this Warjack to be an NPJ (Non-character 'Jack!) for the Iron Kingdoms campaign I'll run eventually. I wanted to have a couple NPCs heavily involved in the campaign, 'cause making characters, and also modeling them, is one of the things I enjoy most about roleplaying. So even being the GM I wanted a way I could still do this.

So there will be 2 NPCs, and one will have his own 'Jack ('cause what's the Iron Kingdoms without 'Jacks!). I'll detail the characters more when they're complete, but I wanted to show off the little conversions I did on the 'Jack first so here goes.

The 'Jack will have a Steam Lobber, so it was a no brainer to use the steam tube from the Mule.

He'll have the 'Heavy Boiler' rule, and his boiler is also powering his gun, so it's only logical he'd have extra smoke stack for all this pressure… It's taken from the Nomad plastic kit.

I used the Avenger's gun, which normally has 2 rounds under the gun. I wanted to remove these and make a magazine like thing so it didn't look like he only has 2 rounds with him!

I know it's silly on the hammer arm, but the piece fit perfectly, and there's nothing stopping it in the rules… Also from the Nomad kit with a spike from Drago added.

I like the look of hulking robots with small heads. Much like this:
So Dragos head seemed great. I just removed his horn.

They looked silly on Vladimir, and they look silly here. But I like silly. And I also like top heavy robots… Like this!:

I got textured plasticard from a model railway store quite a while. One of my favorite aesthetic features of the IK setting is the victorian style streets so figured this was the perfect basing idea to use. I may go crazy and add newspapers/litter or something after painting.

The 2 NPCs will also match.

Some other things I did were drilling out the smoke stacks and gun barrel, and I removed the Cygnar Swan from the top of the hull.

Stay tuned for paint!